Today is 17.02.2020, Name day Miloslava


New Year's climb to Babylon view-tower.


Volleyball team is looking for new members!


We have received sad news today, longtime member of TJ Sokol Mohelno Miroslav Šuler died.


We took a part in traditional autumn volleyball tournament in Brtnice, this time with better results than at sprin - 9th place from 19.


We have realized 1st year of 'Trip to Babylon' with Sokol Mohelno - we had beautiful weather, perfect mood, delicious sausages, cold beer and super music!


We took a part in volleyball tournament in Brtnice. Our results were miserable (2 winning sets from 10), hovewer at least we had perfect weather, and cakes were tasteful!


Incalculable effort was awarded at least with one won set agains Namest nad Oslavou volleyball team - 1:3 and 3:2.


Mohelno volleyball team played man division tournament match in Valeč today. Despite of enormous effort, we lost the game 0:3 and 1:3.


Webpage established.

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